Friday, April 30, 2010

DAY 2 waking up in BK

ummmmm the not so late night turned into 2am.......waking up at 730 was OH SO SWEET

ryan and i stumble to the train
the mission has begun
breakfast and a much needed combo of coffee and WIFI
i leave him on the train in union square to begin my search
arriving in midtown

greek diners of how i've missed you

after my meal i headed to Mid city gym
to meet with Vinny, the owner, about offering them my nutritional services and to work with myself and the DKN-USA(.com) family

this is all part of my plan to become the jet setter that i was born to be!

it turns out
my bud/dad at Gold's Gym Lou Ferrigno is a fan
as well as Monica Brant
who is also a part of the Venice Nutrition family

small world!

The lunch and learn that i have scheduled for 2pm is rapidly approaching.

jump in a cab forgetting i am in NYC traveling from mid town to the lower east side
thinking i will be there in 10 mins it takes 40 NIIICE
i ask the cab driver, "we are pretty close right?"
he says with a snicker,"nnnnao"
what he meant to say was, "you are a dope"

the hostess of my meeting is the lovely Laurel Hunt
owner of LES Dance Academy
we grew up together and were like batman & robin
so great to see her and giggle like we used to
i think we were crying at one point.......not surprised

we had an interesting sunny afternoon
there is never a dull moment in this city!

you've got to be kidding me
sitting by the open gated entrance
of a random parking lot on the LES

there may have been a few more tears shed

then again another block up the road i was reminded
there are things more important than
Lamborghini (i think)
maybe just the wheels part

she just so happens to live next to Coat of Arms!
not only did they have a sneaker sale going on
BUT, they had art work that SOMEONE I KNOW could blow out of the water....
another connection made!
will have to go back to get some info for mr simon lee!
if you havent already seen it check it

here is one.....tito
should be pretty hot at the moment

the evening continued with dinner at SALT
and rinks at St James
FUN FUN FUN....and i got a NEMO out of it!
leaving shortly after midnight, we had the most difficult time i have EVER experienced to get a damn cab from the LES to BROOKLYN.....we were practically standing on the bridge!

3 cabs stopped that "didnt know brooklyn"
the third one didnt tell us until we were in brooklyn......and then laughed at US for not knowing where we were going!
we stopped for directions after several failed attempts
and pulled up alongside ryan's building
how is it that the cab has a brand new credit card machine in the back
and NO GP friggin S in the front?

people never fail to blow my mind

until next time.....
signing off
-eyes bulging in a coffee shop in manhattan
over and out
if you were legally allowed to tamper with your cab driver that would have been a tremendous opportunity for it

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