Monday, May 3, 2010

DAY 3 - loving it mellow

BK has been my place of slumber the past 2 days

ryan and i have our morning routine down.........

during our 830am stroll to the train

I am reminded of our, “never a dull moment”, friend dan’s shenanigans last night:

He didn’t want to travel downtown from 43rd street to salt

Then was bombed hours later and wanted to meet us

Too bad it was midnight & we were headed home

That was only the beginning…

Texting ryan about how we was rejected from a club for being too drunk

Passed out on the bus ride home to jerz

Which then required him to walk 3 miles home at 4am

By some miracle a cab drives up to him

He asks for a ride, surely the driver is alarmed by

A) his breathe

B) the size of him, he is a big dude

c) the fact that it is 4am in the middle of no where and this drunken, bald, beastly (Christmas Vacation) man is halfway in his front window

Needless to say his request is turned down

….Dan punches off his driver side mirror

the driver then floors the cab at him in reverse

the image I get in my head is

dan screaming in the middle of nowhere are 4am fist a’blazin and blood vessels popping out of his eyes

the story continues on but I don’t think I can go there

que the black screen and a to be continued…

Reliving this via text at 830am not knowing if he got home or was in jail……not fun

being able to eventually laugh about it…..PRICELESS

though, i do not condone this behavior, it is funny

he is very lucky to have woken up at all let alone in his own bed and not behind bars


we part ways so i can find a starbucks to get some work done

i am perched in the window on 7th ave and 49th street with a banana and a coffee

frantically i am checking emails, bloggin, uploading photos and finally arranging meal plans

(in that order HENCE frantic)

on to MID CITY GYM for a pump sesh and some cardio

at the counter, i see a display for GRIPADS

Gym Gloves

will maximize fitness results and minimize limitations like: calluses, blisters, sore hands, sweat, bad odors, color staining, clumsy appearance, sizing issues, and other conditions that limit training abilities.

have been looking for something other than gloves to wear while working out......will let you know what I think

ok back to starbucks

emailing atlanta contacts

confirming appointments

and searching

where else can i get my fanny in for a meeting?

I’ve decided

I am staying in a hotel tonight

my family always stays at the Lombardy

but for some reason i was all about the Tribecca Grand

& it was CHEAPER!

SWEET, always have wanted to stay there

Make some calls and it is set

Plan is to check in before heading out this evening

In walks Lauren farell a dear friend I try ot make a point of seeing when I am in the area

We walk and chat while enjoying the beautiful day that is upon us.

We stumble across Block Head’s

an outdoor restaurant bar that I frequented when I lived in town

our hour consists of

giggling & listening, discussing nutrition, boys, work and life

instead of going immediately back to BK I want to shop

urban outfitters (like we don’t have a thousand in la):Mission!

DSW, might as well take a look:Mad house

Whole foods for a quick nibble:Full on BRAWL for a bite

forgot I was in union square

I noticed that I have become what used to so badly annoy me

a slow, mellow A NON-New Yorker

why is everyone rushing me!


Now at ryan’s I am primping and deciding weather or not I want to jump on ry’s board and show him up

Instead I watch, take pics and drink a bud

What the hell I’m with the boyz

Roof top sunset with 2 crazies and large beers…..what NY is all about

Once again we manage to get into acab that has no idea where he is going

How do you know know where the Tribecca Grand is?


REALLY? the view from the 7th floor balcony...ooh

I check in with a glass of raspberry champagne in hand

In the room riz cracks open a bottle of diddy

He pours it over some rocks and puts on some neon trees

Catching up with dan and neil I realize this could easily end up being our night

Let’s get this show in the road!


A place I have known and loved for so many years

I started working there at the ripe age of 19

Kept some friends, one whom is still there as director of publicity

By there I mean working there, not there when he is supposed to be there meeting me there

Say my hellos with quick catchin up…headed to the STANDARD, boom boom room

Have you heard?

I didn’t make it that far,

the long nights and lack of sleep have caught up to me


Back at the hotel the restaurant and bars are hopping,

but it just cant be done tonight

I know my body, and cannot afford to get sick right now


things i have learned today:

1.your friends are the ones that show up

if they cant they arent affraid to tell you that they cant

that is why they are held so dear

honesty is the best policy

2.things cant be contorled

people, feelings, outcomes or situations

enjoy the ride

like i said it is all about TIMING

3.put your health first

you cannot accomplish anything if you are not well

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