Saturday, June 27, 2015

cliches & superheros

The sky is the limit.
The world is your playground.

There are so many cliches based on how you can/should attain your goals and do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams. AND I LOVE THEM ALL! 

Your role models have proved that it is possible. Which means it has been done.........
And there will always been more to come.  
Someone to make new discoveries, someone to set new records and people that challenge the norm.

Set the bar.
Defy even your own expectations.
Create those "pinch me please" moments in your life.
You will get there with hard work, dedication and a fearless attitude.
Dont be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS, to HEAR NO 10 times before you hear YES.
The yes is around the corner. WHEN PREPARATION MEETS OPPORTUNITY.

Be your own SUPERHERO!

Friday, June 26, 2015

NO FEAR Carbohydrates

You have all heard about the NO CARB trends by now.
Please don't let all these ATKINS and PALEO people get in your heads.

What you should do is moderate & be attentive to what you are putting in & when you are doing so.

Eating ORGANIC, WHOLE FOODS should be top priority. It is harder to break down the more complex of the carbohydrates but a good potato now and them never hurt nobody.
(says the girl currently visiting Stockholm, Sweden)

When in doubt have smaller portions....

My rosemary red potatoes are the best!
Start by boiling 5-7 SMALL potatoes for about 5-7 minutes

Once drained, moderately smoosh them right away, 
or slice into quarters
depending on your preference.....

add a tbsp non dairy butter (earth balance)

pinch of sea salt
 pinch of pepper

 1/2 tbsp fresh rosemary

makes 2 servings!


Monday, June 1, 2015


If there I can be a guiding light in this world
is just that.

Positive examples will change your life.
To have someone to look up to,
to see the path that they have paved,
gives you the strength to believe 
that it can be done.

It is not about mimicking.
Admiration & inspiration go a long way.

For me, I idolize strong women, 
who achieve their dreams
....and then some. 

People who are not afraid to BE WHO THEY ARE.
The ones that make no apologies for their bold personalities.
Have you even noticed some people can silence a room when they walk in?

Some gifts you are born with,
the rest come from hard work, confidence and dreaming even when people tell you can't.

Thank you to the incredible JANE FONDA for being HERSELF.

Who has been your shining star?