Sunday, December 30, 2012

KNEE Restrictions

Patellar Tendinopathy

AKA overuse - repeated stress on the patellar tendon located over to the top of the knee cap.
stress= tiny little tears or inflammation = pain

this is also know as JUMPER'S KNEE
Common in athletes.....or those that play sports
The cause for this pain comes from improper landing from lay-ups, long jumps or plyometrics

I hear all the time "I have bad, knees so i cant so A, B OR C"  when in fact you WILL be able to do these things once you fix your poor movement patterns.

Usually this is due to:
ROLLING in or out of the feet that throws off the entire 
Kinetic Chain
LACK of both quad & hamstring complex flexibility
INCAPABILITY of eccentrically decelerating 
(slow down; switch from forward motion to a complete stop or change of direction)
HARD surfaces

there are also a lot of weekend warrior "athletes" that dont train
your body is your machine people
an incomprehension of bringing the ol'bod into the shop: tune ups/servicing leads to injury

the more faulty movement patterns are used the more strain/stress is placed on your joint = ouchies

once we rebalance your body through a series of corrective stretching/exercises then pain will no longer be present.  then we reteach the correct muscles to fire at the right time for the right reasons.
not only will you be able to jump but with more power & better results w/added longevity of the muscles, tendons & joints involved.

I do my homework, all you have to do is show up


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guidelines for 2013

I am giving myself some 
RULES or GUIDELINES to follow in 2013

1. LET GO. Control Freak. You cant fix everything. Do what you can, when you can & release.

2. SEE THE POSITIVE SIDE of every situation.  I generally do this but during hard times of life or   trauma this can seem impossible.  Remember ever situation is a LIFE LESSON, and is leading you toward your ultimate purpose.

3. COMMIT to movement.  At least 30 mins a day.  This is a great place to start. I am a, need I mention, very active person.  My commitment to movement is getting my workouts in 5 days a week.  Now that I have the tools to use kettlebells properly, I can get 10 mins for heart pounding, muscle strengthening workouts.  Not to mention the 15 min Nike Training Club GET FOCUSED body part workouts on the NTC APP (now available on DRIOD).

4. BE NICE to you. If you are not then who will be? Look at what you have done.......

5. LET HATERS BE FUEL TO THE FIRE.  Think of negativity as loading your jet pack. Each time you hear or feel it, hit that power pack to launch you further toward your goals. Once that pack is used it's burnt out......that comment or person is no longer in your mind.  MOVING FORWARD.

6. SPLURGE on things that will take you closer to your goals.  If it is a health goal, splurge on some new workout gear.   The better you feel when going to the gym/working out, the more likely you will be to do it.  Dress the part, if you are a successful, career driven person, take off the sweats & dress for success.  Approach each day as deserving of your best effort.

7. MAKE TIME for yourself. This is the hardest for me to grasp. This doesn't mean time to sit & read text books......that is still technically working.  Long walks, yoga class, healthy dinner with friends out or cook at home.  Something to allow you to decompress, recharge & exercise other parts of your brain.  BE SOCIAL

8. ASK QUESTIONS.  Please don't be afraid to hear "NO".  If you never ask how will you KNOW. Be bold. Be confident & trust yourself.  Create opportunities for yourself by asking for help or guidance. Teachers are all around us.

9. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Cravings are cravings for a reason.  Have a little bit of something you desire without going into a sugar coma or blowing up from sodium intake.  DRINK PLENTY OF WATER so you know what you are craving is real.  Salt impulses usually mean you are dehydrated.  If you crave a sweet or something that is usually "OFF LIMITS", drink a glass of water & wait 5 mins to see if you still really need to have it.  Maybe it's a glass of wine.  Maybe it's a bottle of wine with your friends.  If so, don't hate, BE NICE TO YOU #4 MOVING ON...

-LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. If you crave companionship are you afraid to be alone?  What aren't you willing to look at within yourself? If you crave attention, what are you hiding? There are many things to figure out about ourselves in this life.  I have learned that you can be trusting & compassionate without being gullible or jaded.  Your intuition is there if/when you are ready to listen to it.

10. BETTER TO DO LISTS.  If you are like me you make an elaborate list & lose it.  For some reason I cannot get into the habit of writing it down in the NOTES section of my phone. I am starting to structure specific days for specific tasks. All things that can be done at the office will be dedicated to a certain day.  Food shopping, stocking the gym & outside errands will be dictated by where I am on in my travels on certain days.  This way I don't spend my 1/2 day off a week running around like a fool. Which will allow for more ME TIME #7  MARK EVERYTHING OFF EACH LIST.

11. KEEP YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY SAFE. Deflect the negative like a care bear STARE!!!!
What you give energy will be allowed to take your energy.  Use your jet pack & steer clear.

12. MAKE TIME for our loved ones. Make dates, feel like dates.  I have the habit of always being tired.  So spending time with someone becomes, watching a movie or something very mellow.  It is important to feel special.  Your relationship is a priority.  Go out of our way to prove that to the people you care about.

13. FIND A MENTOR.  In the past I have admired & studied a lot of people from afar.  Let them know.  To have a positive role model in your life can be a source of motivation & more fuel for our jet pack.  ALWAYS BE A STUDENT.  The best teachers are.

14. UNWIND FOR BETTER SLEEP.  Sleep is a MUST when you are headed to the top.  You must be energized to handle the day! It can be your children, your job, your spouse & the regular tasks.  Or you can be building your business, studying for a college course.  All require rest for your 100% participation.  Turn off all screens, listen to only calming quiet music, write down all your worries, write down all your TO DOs.  Take a bath, it will bring you closer to that zen meditative state.  Approach sleep like you would any important requirement for a healthy should be respected, appreciated & prepared for. A scared ritual.

15. WATCH YOUR SPENDING.  Key to keeping your stress levels DOWN.  Each dollar in is a dollar earned & should go to something needed.  Make a list of your monthly needs.  Be aware of that list during the month & see how far your stray from the basics.  ALLOW yourself a social budget, it will keep you sane.  Wasting money will drain your ENERGY.

16. CONTRIBUTE positively to those that appreciate you.  Mostly friends, family members, students will appreciate you for what you contribute to their lives.  At times this is just part of our job & feels like second nature to us.  Let each positive light in your life know how much you appreciate them.  I will not be too busy to be there for people in my life.  I will show up & be a better LISTENER

17. LISTEN.  Though my ALANON meetings I have learned that listening is key into self discovery.  I don't recommend that you only listen to your friends to analyze yourself!  What I mean is to take the focus OFF you, and make it about other people.  Being present & truly listening. That means not trying to prepare the next point you are going to make while they speak.  It means maybe not even commenting at all.  Just be there.  Be a source of support & love. I plan to do a lot more of this.

18. LOVE. Life. Growth. Relationships. Be open to new possibilities.  Love that we are given the option each morning to start over.  Love your gifts & love that you still have so much to learn.

19. DANCE. This has been a huge part of my life.  Half of my life was spent thinking, practicing, competing, dreaming & wanting to dance. There has been way too many gaps of time between each fluid experience.  I will take class, I will explore other forms & I will use this a as my  familiar therapy.  It always seems to change my perspective. Take a class, go out with your friends or turn on Billy Joel in your living room. (Leaha, Kaiwi & Erin will know what i mean)

20. TEACH. Take what you know & share the wealth.  I love to surround myself with people that I learn from.  I don't mean taking notes, I learn through watching them & hearing about there experiences.  The lessons are in the appreciation for the journey. Be challenged by your friends.  Allow others to bring out the best in you.

What are you going to be more conscious of this year?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mental Awareness Month

there are many things that were considered TABOO during our parent's generation
nowadays, i am thankful that therapy is more accepted & medications are openly discussed
we need to join forces to support those, maybe like ourselves or loved ones that struggle

is it a possibility that multiple people in your life are medicated for a chemical imbalance?
is it also possible that you have no idea?

let's be the change
make it ok to have an open conversation about what creates mental stability & instability
it makes me very sad that some are too afraid to admit their differences 
when in fact, the one they could be withholding from could have the same problem

break the chain
make it ok for our kids to be open & honest about their feelings
be the difference
love yourself
accept yourself
set an example for the NEXT generation to do the same without anger or doubt
be free from judgment & fear that you, yourself are placing on common disorders

as Glen Close says,"Let's end the Stigma around Mental Illness."

this stigma acts as a blockage for those that are ill to seek help.
they feel as if they are not, or will not be deemed worthy of relationships
because they are considered "DIFFERENT",
when in actuality we all have, or know someone that fights the same battles.

let's wish to save lives, to calm nerves, to create an awareness & an acceptance for those that need it the most. set the bar for openness & freedom to be who you TRULY are

There are many ways to work on yourself to balance your energy & moods.
Self help is a beneficial way to find relief.

1. Breath Work
2. Psycho Therapy
3. Yoga - Stretching
4. Exercise
5. Change of Diet
6. Balancing of your Energy
6. Support of friends & family

Friday, December 7, 2012

Oil Pulling

do you have a case of CHRONIC SLEEPINESS?
pretty sure i always felt that way until i completely cleaned up my diet
there are so many factors in blood sugar stabilization, as well as immunity

here is a positive tip that has many benefits
brought to my attention by
THE LOVELY DELLA VALLE ladies (jocelyn mastropolo & soon to be jolie vanpeenen)

Oil Pulling
This is process that will show you results over a period of time
As with anything that is beneficial to the human body, it takes TIME

The basic jist is the very first thing in the AM to swoosh (hehehe) oil in our mouth for 20 min
Do not use unrefined oils. You can use sunflower oil or my faav, coconut oil any veggie oil will do. Sunflower is recommended by Dr. Karach.  Though he doesnt recommend using organic oils, BUT I DO.  If the oil is permeating your gums, i would want ORGANIC ALL THE WAY
This swirling process makes oil thoroughly mixed with saliva. Swishing activates the enzymes and the enzymes draw toxins out of the blood. The oil must not be swallowed, for it has become toxic. RINSE


The most obvious result of oil pulling is improved dental health. 
Teeth become whiter, gums pinker and healthier looking, and breath fresher. 
In this way it is possible to heal cells, tissue and all organs simultaneously, 
the body itself gets rid of toxic waste without disturbing the healthy micro flora.  
The metabolism is increased during this process which, ultimately brings you one step closer to optimal health.

You can do the oil pulling every morning if you like. 
It can be powerfully detoxifying, so you might want to take a break sometimes. 
There’s no rule about frequency - judge according to your body’s own signals.

According to Dr. Kurich, that this treatment will achieve remarkable results with illnesses like migraine headaches, bronchitis, diseased teeth, arterio thrombosis, chronic blood disorders such as leukemia, arthritis and related illnesses, neuro physiological paralysis, eczema, gastro enteritis, peritonitis, heart disease, kidney disease, meningitis, and women’s hormonal disorders are completely eliminated from the organism. The benefit of Dr. Karach's method is that the oil therapy heals the whole body in perpetuity. In terminal diseases such as cancer, aids and chronic infections this treatment method has been shown to achieve astonishing results.

Worth a shot....lets the SWOOSHIN BEGIN!

make more moves!

contributed by our PILATES/GYROTONIC extraordinaire CLAIRE ABUAN

“When you take a single step your body recruits up to 200 muscles” 
-Christina Jaenicke
Practice : Apply this fact to each movement you make today.  Perhaps park far from store in the back corner spot, perfect your squat in the shower (carefully), take a stroll around your home while you talk on the phone…
Goal : Maximize your energy burning efficiency today with extra movements knowing that a single movement creates a trickle —> steady flow —> constant gush of energy release.