Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I have a new found love for JESSIE J boy this girl can bring it home!
I really needed this song for the past few weeks.
There are times when we can feel as if we are the only one in the world struggling
Let's find a new perspective & stop judging ourselves for having off days
As long as you know who you are and what your rules are for life

We need to all accept that we are where we are
in life, in love, in our journey
We just need to be kind to ourselves & support each other

There is a common thread......
No on ever thinks that they are ready, something always has to be different
"If I can change this, then I will deserve___________!"

The time is NOW
to love ourselves
to believe in ourselves
to feel that we are acting out our truth
Whether it is sad or happy, feel it
Surf your emotional waves to serenity

Surfing Your Inner Sea........a book by Raphael Cushnir
EPIC BOOK I highly recommend it!
Each chapter can be a great morning mantra
I choose to take my 5 minutes every morning to check in with these pages

Allow yourself to be true & own your emotional response
Then, ride it out, take the time to know what you are feeling & why
Once you can acknowledge, you move past it & learn

My awareness at the moment has been brought to BEING REAL.....and all that it entailes.
I am a people pleaser, a competitive ALPHA to the core, but where has my softer side gone?
When you try to please others or decide how you think they want you to be,
A part of you has to be suppressed & you lose a sliver of your happiness

It is ok to rock the boat
It is ok to have an opposing opinion
And it is ok to decide a situation is not right for you

It's ok to not be ok
Honestly is how you find you find what works for you

Sometimes it's hard to follow your heart
We are taught that there are places that we should be by a certain time in our lives
What is right for you might not be what is right, or what worked for someone else
Our journeys are all different BUT we are all in this together.
We weren't meant to go through life without the support of a loved one.  
Soulmates: we have all different types; best friends, spiritual teachers, lovers, pets etc.  
Accept the connection & know that it is ok to reach out to ask for help (my biggest lesson)  
There are road bumps & blocks all along the way, sometimes another perspective or even a set of arms to hug makes the biggest difference.

Be true to you
and be there for others
that is where happiness lies.