Sunday, May 30, 2010 i boring you?


The most common excuses I have heard for yawning....

an involuntary reflex by the body to control the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood.

a yawn draws more oxygen into the lungs through a deep breath.

typically this happens after periods when the oxygen level is low as we have been taking short shallow breaths... bordom or fatigue


1. yawning like that is a symptom of asthma, which can appear at any age.

2. it's a natural response to replenish air in the lungs.

3. that it aids in the release of lactic acid that builds up in your muscle while exercising

Physiologically, yawning boosts your blood pressure and your heart rate. It's well documented that Olympic athletes often yawn before competition and paratroopers yawn before a jump.

In the animal world, yawning is often a response to stress. Watch your dog. When she's really excited, she'll yawn a lot. Dogs use yawning as a "calming signal," a way to tell other dogs--and people--that they're feeling anxious and need a break. Some experts believe stress can stimulate a similar reaction in people.

This could explain why we yawn while working out.
Our bodies are being pushed to the limits and our heart rates are increasing like it does when we are anxious.
Maybe the reason that it occurs in some not others
is due to the body misunderstanding the secretion of its hormones
or an incorrect hormone is being secreted when working out
the same hormone that is secreted when we are stressed/anxious
usually CORTISOL
When your body is under stress the Adrenal Medulla releases Adrenaline or Epinepherine
to balance the hormones that were released
Cortisol is pumped through the Adrenal Cortex
cortisol is usually a result of the "fight or FLight" response in our bodies

So Hypothetically....what if yawning has to do with the body misunderstanding its demands going into fight or flight?

i will do more research, so time will tell

damn you got me forming hypotheses at 645 am on a Sunday

BE WARNED: non-stop yawning is a possible sign of an underlying vasovagal
(heart rate andblood pressure) problem.
So, call your doctor and set up an appointment.
You can help him diagnose your condition by tracking how often you're
yawning each day, how much sleep you're getting, and what medications
(including herbs and over-the-counter drugs) you're taking.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

burn baby burn

if you have tried every diet in the book
if you feel as though you workout and eat well
if there are days that you have NO ENERGY
sometimes you think that it is impossible

you are like most of the female population
men usually wont admit it as easliy
but MOST people have felt like this at one point or another
in their life time


can be your bff or the girl sits behind you in science class and cuts you hair

if you are constantly constricting your caloric intake your body will adjust
or get used to surviving on what it receives.....

so think of it this way
you think you need to cut way down to lose weight
and you want to keep it off?
you stay within that caloric intake
what happens when your calories go up?

when you dont eat enough per meal
or even frequently enough per day
you are TOTALLY suppressing your metabolism
that force that keeps you burning
or allows you to loose excess fat

would you rather set yourself to consume more food
that consits of healthier options
and look/feel even BETTER than you did when you were depriving yourself?
ridiculously restrict, feel weak,
loose weight by grazing like some pasture animal,
and yo yo back when you try to eat like a human again?


if you learn how to take care of your body properly
you will achieve all the nutrients you require
fancy that.....

Water! A new study seems to indicate that drinking water actually speeds up weight loss .
Green Tea! Studies show that green tea extract boosts metabolism and may aid in fat loss.
Grapefruit! The grapefruit diet is not a myth. The unique chemical properties in this vitamin C-packed citrus fruit reduce insulin levels, which promotes weight loss.
Broccoli! Study after study links calcium and weight loss. Broccoli is not only high in calcium, but also loaded with vitamin C, which boosts calcium absorption.
Low-Fat Yogurt! Dairy products can boost weight loss efforts. Low-fat yogurt is a rich source of weight-loss-friendly calcium
Lean Turkey! Rev up your fat-burning engine
Oatmeal! This heart-healthy favorite ranks high on the good carb list, because it’s a good source of cholesterol-fighting, fat-soluble fiber
Hot Peppers! Eating hot peppers can speed up your metabolism and cool your cravings

THESE FOODS keep you full longer on fewer calories.

Water-rich fresh fruits, veggies: dilute the calories in your food and allow you to eat more without breaking the calorie bank.

High-fiber fruit, vegetables: nutritious whole grains keep your digestive system on track and steady insulin levels, which prevents fat storage.
Lean meat: boosts metabolism and burns calories because it take more energy to digest than other foods.

hey beauty i miss so much

my ladies that always want to steel my earrings
you know who you are.....
she would be the brains and skill behind the product
i always feel sexy and superb wearing her danglers
they are just as daring as they are delicate
reminds me a lot of
the disgustingly talented Miss Natalia Benson
she named a pair after me!!!! love Love LOVE tal
miss you baby cakes
signature-#7 josie

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cruciferous vegetables......HANGER 19

great for your
not so good
for your
social life

Cruciferous vegetables have it all: vitamins, fiber, and disease-fighting phytochemicals.

What do broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and bok choy have in common?

They're all members of the cruciferous, or cabbage, family of vegetables. And they all contain phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, and fiber that are important to your health

protection against cancer:

phytochemicals - sulforaphane - stimulate enzymes in the body that detoxify carcinogens before they damage cells

reducing oxidative stress:

causes the overload of harmful molecules called oxygen-free radicals, which are generated by the body. reducing these free radicals may reduce the risk of colon, lung, prostate, breast, and other cancers.

eat these veggies raw or only lightly steamed to retain the phytochemicals

Also contained in Cruciferous Veg-

Lutein, which is associated with diminishing the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Zeaxanthan, is the other antioxidant deposited in the macula, and it also blocks the UV rays, protecting our eyes.

Garlic is that it is best consumed raw to benefit from its sulfur compound. Yet when they are cut, it releases an enzyme called allicin that should be left 15 minutes before cooking. Why? The enzyme transforms into another substance that has anti-cancer properties not destroyed by heat. So remember not to throw in your garlic to cook right after cutting but leave it for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Onions contain an important flavonoid known as quercitin. It is been shown in test tube research an ability to prevent the growth and increase of breast cancer cells.

yesterday i am making lunch,

rushing between clients.

throwing in my mushrooms, spinach & quinoa...

i add some ground turkey & seasoning

sautee them all together with energy balance faux butter (dairy free)

that is when it happened...

i reach for my OH SO GARLIC

tip the top

and it falls off along with about 3 tbsp of garlic, chives & parsley

into my beautifully contrusted colabertation

with 15 mins remaining until my next client

i say to hell with it

i love garlic

little did i know that is wasnt only my breathe that would smell

Garlic Body Odor: Halitosis or bad body odor is one of the main garlic side effects which could occur when the herb is consumed in larger quantities. All body secretions that follow post consumption of garlic will carry the same odor as garlic and will not go away until the garlic content is flushed out of the body. This could actually take a week or so.


oh ya my client could smell it

I apologized as to give her fair warning just incase she got a wiff

her response was, umm ya i dont know why i didnt say anything

i just have been trying not to breath in your direction!

later that day i kept breaking into sweats for no reason

and then i noticed that i smelt like an italian kitchen in my living room

and it wasnt because i am an amazing cook.....

charming time, i will feed that garbage can and not my stomach

Needless to say the plan was to eat as blandly as possible.


anything BUT bland

a good friend of my geoffrey bernstien has opened a new spot

to die for food.....really

i had mesquite shrimp with cajun sauce, served with flat bread and a size of sweet potato pie


leaha and i highly recommend this mesquite grill in playa vista

great work geoff, we will be back soon....with an entourage xo

mission accomplished NO GARLIC.
(nobody said anything about brownies, mac & cheese or sweet potato pie though)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

balanced breakfast ideas

most people, almost everyone that come to acquire my services do 1 or 2 things

1. they dont eat breakfast
2. or they wait too long before putting something in their stomachs in the morning

breakfast, being the most important meal of the day:

will set the bar for your metabolism
if your day starts with a low blood sugar you will be spiking all day
without getting too technical...insulin and glucagon are antagonists
they are hormones.......that balance your blood sugar
if your blood sugar is not balanced, which you think of as your diet/what you eat
the result is that your HORMONES will also be imbalanced
which can and will lead to the imbalance of other if not all hormones
balancing your blood sugar, by starting first thing in the morning
can prevent/even cure most chronic issues.....
now if you are a nail biter, i cant really help you, unless you bite because you are hungry
BUT this system DOES, in fact help lower the stress levels in your life
we could all use some guidance in that department huh?
nail bitters are you with me?

so let's get right to it......

who likes eggs for breakfast?
we need our protein, fat & how do we balance our egg whites?
a carb being, oatmeal, toast, fruit or cereal?
and a fat being, peanut butter (my fav), avocado, nuts, or cheese?
one of each and you meal is complete

this is a complete breakfast
what is not apparent in the pic
where is the fat?
egg whites: protein
toast(one slice): carb
butter on the toast: fat
OR add some cheese if you dont opt for the butter

considering i am a pb maniac
i would have whites(protein)
on ezekiel toast(carb)
and tbsp pb after as my "treat"(fat)

that is if you have time to make eggs and oatmeal
if not


Protein Bars
2. PURE PROTEIN - i always recommend
esp for men, they are higher in protein
they sell in opetions of 300 cal 32g protein
and women 200 cal 20g protein
3. ATKINS BARS - taste amazing


protein powder
nuts/peanut butter
water/LF milk/soy/almond/rice
or pre made shakes
LOVE Muscle Milk light
or Atkins shakes

the reason that i have chosen these recommendations
is that they are nutritionally balanced:
the sugars are low/if at all
the protein is higher, if not balanced than the carbs
and the fat intake is just right

if i am in a rush
i add protein powder and superfood mix (essential living foods. superfood smoothie mix)
to my cereal with some nuts
add my rice milk and i am good to go
takes 2 minutes

NOW if you are not a powder type o'person
fruit is great.......but not too much or you will spike
if you have a banana make sure you have nuts or nut butter with it

and keep a few hard boiled eggs ready for muchin
I KNOW IT SOUNDS GROSS, but trust me, it is worth it
dont everything all together DUH

think of your eggs as your entree and the fruit and nut butter as a breky dessert!

the list goes on and on

this does take time & some planning

it is up to you to decide what is worth your while...
take 30 mins on a sunday to cook/prepare food
and an addition 15 mins each night to pack food for the next day
have no energy, sugar & caffeine cravings and mood swings?
your call
all i know, is that mood swings and getting dates?
they dont go hand in hand

ask me questions
i am here to answer them!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

being a lemon in 1812

as a lemon in 1812, your responsibilities were to....

cureand prevent
SCURVY for the American Navy
lemons finally became a part of the standard rations of the American Navy in 1812
Navel Surgeons started including them in their medical kits

Lemons and Vit C containing citrus fruits are categorized as antiscorbutics

Today we know that scurvy is due solely to a deficiency in Vit C,
Vit C is a compound essential to metabolism
the human body must obtain Vit C from food
Scurvy is rapidly and completely cured by restoring Vit C into the diet.

It is not easy to find fresh foods that lack vitamin C.
Plants and animals tend to be full of it,
since the molecule is used in all kinds of biochemical synthesis
as an electron donor.
Vit C quickly breaks down in the presence of light, heat and air.
For this reason it is absent from most preserved foods that have been cooked or dried.

one of today's many benefits of VIT C........

It's Digestive Powers
In Chinese cuisine, orange peel is often served as an accompaniment to red meat. The reason for this is that, according to Chinese medicine, orange peel aids in digestion of rich, fatty foods. One recommendation for better digestion is to start every day with lemon water -- using the juice of one lemon squeezed into 12 ounces of room temperature filtered water. This lemon water is slightly acidic, which helps to cleanse and move the roughage that stays behind in your intestines and system. Also, don't forget one of the major health benefits of drinking lemon water: It can pave the way for weight loss!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

help me help you

had an instance this weekend with a fainting client


all i have control over is what you do when you are here

if there is no fuel in your fire....
you burn muscle
and this happens INSTEAD of what everyone thinks...
if i dont eat, i will burn fat
AAAAAk, wrong
but you sure as hell will pass out/throw up if you are pushed

eat clean
and smart

try to get something in your body at least an hour before training
and EVERYONE must eat within 30 mins of waking
if not your metabolism will take a nose dive

think of your trainer as your doctor...we need to know everything to make sure you can perform to your best capabilities

wouldn't you tell me if you had an injury?

you are injuring your body by working out on an empty stomach

ponder that

friday part 2 of the stairs challenge number completed: 6
next week: going for 7!!!!
who's with me?

tons of classes this week.......

mon 7am still open
mon 5pm still open
mon 730pm 1 spot left

tues 530pm open

thurs 530pm 1 spot left

fri 7am still open

NEW CLASS sat 10am 1 spot left

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

rub a dub dub

Three men in a tub,
And how do you think they got there?
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker,
They all jumped out of a rotten potato,
'Twas enough to make a man stare.

have you ever been told the true story about
these three men in a tub?
in reading about
treatments for syphilis and leprosy
(not by choice)
i came across the meaning of this nursery rhyme

mercury was used in the 1800s to "cure" syphilis
it was a belief, that was later marked as a hoax,
that mercury cured diseases of the skin

patients undergoing mercury inunction
sat in a tub
in a hot closed room
where they would be rubbed with ointments
several times a day
shakespeare referred to as "rubbing and tubbing"

more highly class doctors would not perform this
it was too dangerous
they would have patients rub other patients
as to not infect or be exposed to the dangers of mercury

you decide.......
but when googled this is what i came up with

Why would these three men be sharing a bath? Latent homosexuality, maybe? Not enough water for three individual baths? No, this is a case of not hearing the whole joke, just the punch-line. The part of the story we aren’t getting was the setting. A fair side-show, where three young, beautiful women were sitting in a bath-tub, entertaining a mostly male audience, when three of the men jumped up and climbed in with the girls, to be promptly thrown out again by the fair manager. Just three, horny, working folk.

i would rather it mean something historical
but that's just me

either way...which story would you rather tell YOUR kids?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flake in VEnice

my favorite spot

745am this morning
me chuka and my breakfast

flake is our local hang out
a place for
great food
good tunes
interesting people
& they are dog friendly!

the cereal bar as we call it, has everything from fRuiTy PebBles to pAnINis
CocONut wAtER to cHocOlatE miLk
saLaDs to what we in jersey know as "heart attacks" bacon egg & cheese bagels
and god do i love me a yogurt bowl......low fat vanilla yogurt with hemp granola blueberries
or topping of your choice.

elijah wood frequents this bacon hut on rose avenue
along with numerous other loyal venice regulars

the lovely momma Paige greets you with a smile and her oh so raspy voice
she knows your order by heart and politely delivers it to your table
(i always love to see what her choice of cowboy boot where for the day...fantastic)

it is a place you feel at home
i walk the 5 blocks from my house with the dog
we sit outside while i enjoy my coffee and get some work done
while chuka enjoys her people/puppy watching
today my choice for breakfast was
the vEgGie sAuSagE SanDwiCH
(because i am joselynne....bread is ok in moderation)
so it is basically a scramble with veggies and my kinda sausage
with a side of tomatoes and mixed greens
sometimes i add a bit of avocado
due to the fact that i am not a cheese fan anymore

there are many terrific, healthy options
i recommend talking the walk after one of my workouts
to grab a tasty meal to replenish your mUsckuLs!

what i also love
is that we are there so much
that my sister
just so happens to be on the website!
only noticed that about a month ago

stop in for some good eats when you have a sec
it truly is a delight.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


got my ass handed to me today
(after first having it kicked tues morning)


trained with the lovely Miss Joanne Lee for a little over an hour
then went with the girls to do the stairs to be outside during this beautiful day

RESULT: WELL i think i am going to have to start logging my weekly progress

May 13th 2010
Santa Monica Stairs
Number of times accomplished: 5
Number of times i thought about doing: 6
Number of times that my legs wanted to do:4

That is my goal for the next 6 weeks
to do the stairs at least once a week
i would like to get up to or past 8 times
AS FAR AS CARDIO breathing was great, my leggs we just SCREAMING
i really think that what i need right now are intervals
and a change of pace
getting back into your groove after an injury, or time off is never easy
but you have to know that you needed time to let your body heal
or you have enjoyed your time off and today is the day to get it all back

the problem is we get stuck doing what we know....or what we know we can do
challenge yourself, try something new.....ZUMBA, SPINNING, YOGA, SAND SPRINTS ECT
you cant get discouraged if it is the first time you have tried
it should only make you more determined to push that much harder next time

may i make a few recommendations?


it is always great to have a workout buddy to amp you up
get a small group together
I have a group of 4 friends that are here 3 times a week
1 TRX, 1 WBV
& 1 maybe even 2 yoga classes per week
they giggle and push each other
it is really fun for me too!