Thursday, April 1, 2010

"at least do no harm"

ah the greeks......

advancements in technology are superb, BUT what blows my mind is how it WAS done

observation rather than theory
using Dietetics or "The Art of Healing"
they watched, touched, smelled & tasted (eek)

believing in prevention
to create and keep balance in the body

Nature vs Human Life
Practice Medicine to Benefit Life
Disease is an exaggerated form of normal physical function

To look back at the origins for medicine, and the research methods used, absolutely astounds me

Asclepius said "1st word, then the herb, then the knife" WOULDNT THAT BE NICE?

We have become a society that thrives on instant gratification, competition & suppression.

The body aches for a reason. Try listening.
Having surgery as a solution?
Is the problem solved if you never found the root of the issue? What was the cause?
These questions and observations are necessary for the health of our bodies in the long run.

Main street medicine needs to bring back more of the old school......

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