Friday, April 23, 2010


foreign chemicals found in the body;
when the body absorbs chemicals that are not nutrients;
when normally occurring substances are modified from there naturally molecular structures

Example: drugs such as antibiotics - the body does not produce them, nor are they part of a normal diet.
GOAL IS TO PREVENT xenobiotics form entering our systems
they come from phytoestrogen, pesticides & believe it or not things we willingly ingest

the effects or xenobiotics can be minimized or exacerbated by things such as lectins

proteins in foods that are capable of binding to antigens on blood cells
which causes agglutinate or clumping of red blood cells
they can interfere with digestion, cause inflammation
block digestive hormones, impair absorption
and interfere with protein break down

they disrupt your intestinal flora
and NK cells

NK: natural killer cells
those deficient in NK cells prove to be highly susceptible to infection
they have a higher chance of having autoimmune disorders
they defend our bodies when harmful things enter & pose threat

To summarize do your homework, this is something i too am learning about
The importance of organic foods, homeopathic medicine and CLEAN WATER
help it happen
work with your body to create a state of well being

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