Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's all about the TIMING

"you live you learn", thanks Alanis

from my experience you have to continue on your journey with open arms and an open heart
even though we have battles tough times, respect those times for making us stronger
making our eyes open a little wider
and creating that much more appreciation for what does fit with ease is what we are all waiting for
what we have all experienced....perfect TIMING
with each aspect of your life there will be that ah ha moment when things fall into place
if you are lucky, it will reoccur, maybe even regularly
it could be karmic (but that is a whole other blog entry)

be open to change
accept new possibilities
appreciate the good the bad and the indifferent
love when it makes you feel good

and f*$%ing yourself most importantly
keep that healthy hum flowing throughout your body

peace be with you :)

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