Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stay tuned - Spring/Summer FUN

The Alpha Sweets Tasting Party was a success!
my gluten free pumpkin brownies were a huge hit

thank you to my beautiful lady friends that came to sample & giggle
i really needed a night on the couch with you guys!

It made me think of other things that people can do to be social without the bar scene
I am sure I am not the first person to bring this up.........our society has become so concerned with nightlife.
Would you mind having a fantastic time without the hangover? Maybe even learn something?

As the weather gets warmer I will be having weekly "networking" dinner parties
The only reason I say networking is because I have such a wide variety of friends
We can all help EACH OTHER!

These gatherings will be based around healthy foods and laughing
Come one come all to my backyard for some scrumptious healing of the body and soul

add a comment or shoot me an email so I can make sure you are on my invite list

Recently I was having a conversation about the fitness shows I have been a part.
We were talking about the politics, drugs and the TOTAL warped vision of the judges
I have been wanting to be a part of another one this season. WHY you ask?
I do not want to win.
BUT I like to test my discipline...that is what it has always been about!

My focus now, on top of looking good is to correct the faulty movement patterns that I have adopted over the years.

Lets strive to look good, while being as healthy as we can on the inside. No crash dieting, no excessive cardio. Trust your body and love life.
Good things to come......just HELP THEM HAPPEN


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  2. sometimes i feel like sampling and giggling :( haha, i'm gonna have to do another competition out there soon so i can come to one of these parties

  3. yes indeed....i am going to compete soon so i need to STOP having these parties.