Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TROUBLE - hip flexors

MOST and I MEAN MOST people are extremely tight in their hip flexors
BUT I do know how many problems they can cause
AND I know how to prevent this from happening


There are 3 Types of people:

1. Locked Short
2. "Perfect" Posture
3. Locked Long

The majority of your society is "locked short" due to the fact that the average person sits for about 21 hours each day. When you are "locked short" all the muscles on the front of the body are tight while the musculature of the back is weak and over stretched.  To regain this balance we must pull everything back, focus on strengthening your upper & mid back as well as your core. (HOPEFULY WE ALL KNOW BY NOW THAT THE CORE ISNT JUST TUMMY MUSCLES).  In order to do THAT you must open your chest & lats as well as your hip flexors & quads. 

DRUM ROLL PLEASE......The very best dual action hip flexor quad stretch is the lunge!  Drop your back knee and extend it out behind you so you aren't baring weight on your knee cap.  Thi elongates the line from quad to hip.  The arms are an extension on the lower body stretch.  Once your arms are up energetically reach higher through your finger tips.  I tell my clients to lift there bottom ribs up off of there hip bones.

FOR BEGINNERS you can do this laying on your bed....

All you need to do to START is lay with YOUR RIGHT side off the bed.
Your RIGHT foot will be flat on the floor, while the left leg is fully lengthened out on the bed.
From there work the LEFT leg toward bending as shown above.  
THEN go for the reach around (hehe) of the bottom ankle.
Try not to turn yourself into a pretzel.......if there is a fear of that, you can always try it standing.

Add this stretch into your morning routine and again before you climb into bed. You will feel the changes pretty quickly! 


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