Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Goal Graduation

This will be the start of something NEW.
What are goals for? Reaching.
What is life all about? Learning.
How do you progress in life? Growth.
We grow through reaching, through reaching we learn and through achieving we grow.

The ever changing 1, 5 & 10 year plans are what keep us fresh.  The excitement behind creating and achieving is infectious.  Life cannot just be about keeping your eye on the prize.  The prize takes daily goals & steps in the right direction in progress or propel you forward to attain that goal.  The interesting thing about goal setting is that sometimes you end up somewhere that you never dreamed you would be.  Your path is your path and will take you to where you are meant to be but you have to start somewhere.  You have to find the spark and see the first milestone ahead.  Keep checking in and re adjust as you go but launch yourself forward.

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