Sunday, November 2, 2014


Always be willing to learn
about yourself
about your career
about LIFE!

Be curious about what shows up for you.
why it does
when it does
and how you respond to it.
It isn't until you are willing to dissect your imperfections
that you find CLARITY.
Things finally align, 
and everything you want is magnetically sent to you.

I have been noticing lately 
that what used to "work" for me no longer does.
I want love in my life,
with my family my friends
my soulmate.
I want to love every minute of every day &
I am not willing to spend time sweating the small stuff.

I want to create & be inspired.
and pay it forward to inspire others!

To build is to give life.
I am so blessed to be able to build my business
and learn daily about what my life's purpose is.
We all pave the road one brick at a time 
to where we will end up.
Life will continue to present things to you until you see them.
Until you grasp them.
Until you are READY.

In each decision I find power,
each opportunity allows my fire to burn brighter.
I may have missed some signs in my earlier years
but i sure as hell have arrived!

There is so much curiosity/excitement for what's to come
and to share all of it with those who support me.


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