Monday, November 10, 2014


CONFIDENCE is not walking into a room with your nose in the air,
 but walking into a room and not having to compare yourself with anyone else.

Work on self love and working on finding your inner balance.
You can be at peace with yourself in a room full of people, without the nervous energy of thinking "who's looking at me" "why did i wear this dress" "does my butt look good from this angle".
Having a silent mind in a room full of people is something that proves to me that I have arrived.

My confidence shows up the most when I am enthralled in my work.
If you care being fulfilled by your career this will give you confidence, but it isn't about the money the cars or the clients. What you do for a living does not define you.
How you treat people and the impact yo have on them if what will stay with them.
How you treat people when you are at your highest stress levels will say a lot about you.

Your relationships don't define you, but how much are you willing to learn about your self through someone else's eyes?  How much can you open yourself up? Are you able to be vulnerable? To learn? What can you share about yourself to better the time you spend with those that you love?

Money does not define you, your internal accomplishments do. Which is comical because no one else may ever know but you……SELF ACCEPTANCE.
They may see radiance, or confidence by what it is in knowledge and the ability to trust yourself.

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