Friday, November 7, 2014

the good kind of PRIDE

Everything that you do, is a reflection of your personality, your work ethic and your passion.
Take pride in what you do, OR….. choose not to do it.

If you are scooping ice cream at a middle of nowhere DQ or the CEO of a huge company you should always put your best foot forward.  Every effort in life sets you up for your future.  Maybe you are still unsure of your purpose? That is ok, but take pride in what you are doing NOW so you are prepping yourself for what is to come.  PRIDE will teach you to have dedication, discipline & daily accomplishments. You never know who you will scoop ice cream for, park their car, or even help find a book at the bookstore.  ENERGY….you are worth doing your best.  If you aren't happy, find something that you can take pride in.  Sometimes that requires patience, but everything worth having is.  

1. Show up polished and attentive
2. Execute to the best of your ability 
3. Do your research
4. Ask questions
5. Put in more than is asked of you

If you want to succeed you must do more than the other guy that wants your job.  
You must be willing to work harder than the person with the Master's degree.  
Plan on the climb being steep, but you will get there.  
On day you will wake up and understand that it was all worth it.

I can promise you this, you will be bored and unfocused, pulled in the wrong directions and wonder why every day feels like a struggle UNTIL YOU FIND THE GOOD KIND OF PRIDE.

You should be proud of yourself even for life's little accomplishments…..getting through the day without eating chocolate, not overreacting to that coworker that alway seems to say the wrong thing, keeping your road rage at bay, or remembering to take out the garbage.

Build the right kind of PRIDE, that is defined by your character, your morals & values. 
You are the making of something INCREDIBLE. 

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