Saturday, November 29, 2014


ok those of you that know me, know that I am NO RUNNER,
but it is a goal of mine to run a race in 2015.
(something longer than potato sack distance)

i do LURV to train.  so i made it my business.
now i don't allow myself enough time to do so
this is all changing as we speak.....

you are the most important person in your world.
your health is no one responsibility but your own.
all you have to do is make the best decisions for yourself
and push yourself as hard as you can.

i am going to stop with the excuses and take more classes at ALPHA
if you have a favorites that you can recommend, i will be there right along side of you.

training builds confidence.....the reason i wanted to coach.
i had a trainer at 23 that completely changed my life
alex made things fun and completive as well as challenging and exciting.

that is what i want clients at ALPHA VENICE & soon to be ALPHA EAST to feel.
it isn't about loosing weight, lifting heavy 
or how many times a week you can burry yourself into the ground.  
it is about keeping the commitment to yourself.
showing up for YOU.
treating your body with respect & love.
so you then you attract what you have become.

find your inner strength, beauty & inspiration
the outer is an added BONUS

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