Sunday, November 16, 2014

Self Love

Putting your feelings before others?
There is fine line between what is selfish and what is self preservation.

How do you hold true to what keeps you comfortable & happy
while being compassionate?

Knowing where to draw the line.
 When to say no, or take a moment for yourself.
That is confidence in YOUR balance.

Everyone has a different threshold for stress, & workload on the mind/body.

I have some simple rules to follow

1. Chin up buttercup
             Nothing is as bad as it seems

2. We all have our shit
            You have no idea the day anyone else is having

3. Treat yourself with kindness
            How you talk to YOU is reflected on the outside 

4. Allow time for JUST YOU 
            Just breathe and sit with yourself

You are no good to anyone or anything 
if you don't put yourself first.


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