Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Muffins, Spray Tans and WBV

SHHHhhh I am not eating another!

Thank you to the ladies for a very successful night of muffin tasting.
After some constructive criticism, another item has been added to the menu!

PLEASE email me recipes that you would like to see at future ALPHA SWEETS wed nights.

Last night I went in for my Infinity Sun Spray tan at Hollywood Tans
(Tomorrow I am presenting for DKN at the iHRSA Convention in San Diego

I must say.....VERY happy. The technician deserves a pat on the back.
Not just for getting me stark ass in the room, but for doing an even job in minutes.
I am sure if he were straight there would be a line around the block for that job!


Other than smelling a bit weird.....I am sure it just looks like i sat at the beach.
At the beach with goggles and a spartan shield!
The sandy wind these day.........hold on to your hats.

I am so excited for the next couple of days! There is so much to learn and experience at this event. Unfortunately I am injured so I cannot partake in the morning workouts (I say shedding just a single tear).

I will be educating the passers by on WBV - Whole Body Vibration Technology

DKN has approached me, they had heard of my acceleration training capabilities with Power Plate and asked me to jump on board. They are an 18 year old company that have been very successful in europe and want to break into the american fitness/rehab community. Soon enough I will have their plates in my studio and you can see your yourself!

The same benefits as Power Plate without the bells and whistles.
If a product gets the job done, why add things that take away from the purpose.

When I met with Patrick and Chip, they spoke with me about the very things I questioned with the Power Plate product. As a Power Plate trainer I NEVER used the higher frequency option. Occasionally I would amp it up during the massage mode after an intense workout. This would increase the circulation & flush the lactic acid out of the muscle. No 125lb woman needs to be jolted like that. If you have a massive 300lb athlete, maybe. The basic 30 Hz gets the job done. Don't over do it, without doing the research it can have the reverse effects.

Let's get this SHIZNIT up and running...educate the new-bees of the benefits WBV has to offer!


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