Sunday, March 14, 2010

pole dancing at the iHRSA

This past weekend in San Diego, Ca
I had the privilege to experience the future of fitness.

My eyes are now open even wider in excitement
to the education I am still yet to attain.

The energy in the convention center was through the roof! Multiple "booths" dedicated to the testing of new equipment, demonstrations of new techniques and the purchasing of recently rejuvenated accessories flooded this massive arena.

Damn my injury....there were loads of fitness enthusiasts taking classes and trying out the next generation of tools to make you go hoom.

As a certified TRX instructor I implement many of these techniques with my own clients, but damn would I have loved to give these trainers a run for there money.

Friendly competition is a great learning tool.
I will "help this happen"

My TRX classes are held Mon & Thurs Evenings from 6-630 & 630-7pm

DKN Technology
Controled Whole Body Vibration

-German Engineered Motors that very in Amplitude
-Frequency ranging from 20Hz - 50Hz per machine
-rehab, anti-aging, circulation & lymphatic drainage
-4 pre programed workouts with visual explanations
-prices range from $2400-$4000

BONUS.....ME as your trainer!

You're looking at the NEW SPOKESMODEL for DKN!

The most interesting
booth at the event
If I must say.........

Girl of the classy persuasion swinging around and encouraging men to try. BRILLIANT
They must have been part of the movement recently to add pole dancing as an Olympic Sport.
You've got to be F-ing KIDDING
not that is doesn't look hard
I am sure you are very strong....between your legs


  1. hey, even though those girls don't have souls, their love of the pole is very admirable... in my younger days, i was at the forefront of sponsoring their efforts... i for one, whole heartedly endorse pole dancing as an olympic sport

  2. just read this and am dying! you are right on!