Monday, March 8, 2010

State Farm Says - No eating while driving?

"Conscious eating is the awareness of how the food affects our body, emotions, mind, and spiritual enlightenment. Our choices will reflect the state of harmony with oneself, the world, all of creation, and the Divine. Though it is difficult to change one's old habits and belief systems, this must be done if one desires living a healthful life."

a fellow Clayton College of Natural Health student
Jason Kieffer

The Yoga of Eating was an incredible course I took at a Clayton College Convention a few years ago.

This book by Charles Eisenstein talks about listening to our bodies, take our time and limiting distractions.

Too often do we fall into the routine of eating. We forget to enjoy and allow our bodies to reap the benefits of nourishing ourselves.

Daily I read about stress playing a huge role in indigestion. I am constantly reminding myself that if I inhale my food in the car between clients I will pay the price.


Numerous diagnosed intolerances along with IBS & Colitis can be treated/eliminated with stress management and better food choices! Think how much money and anguish could be saved with a few words of wisdom from Charles Eisenstein.

Life is too short to rush busy, but allow yourself time to take care of your body.

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