Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prevention vs Intervention

American Medical Association?

If you have.....read this book
and try to not be furious with them.

Ask yourself this question,
"Would I like to prevent illness & injury or intervene once they have surfaced?"

You are "safe" if you are insured?
Really? Then why are nutritional counselors, alternative herbalist,
health club memberships & yoga not covered by insurance?
These are the things people should be doing to PREVENT needing to spend money on medication or horrible things that insurance DOES cover.

What if......there was a cure or non toxic alleviation for cancer?
What if the AMA worked as hard at they could to keep it under wraps?
What if pharmaceutical companies run our country?
What if our government was turning a blind eye?
What if there were specialist that devoted their lives to figuring out how to PREVENT illness?

I am so angered by our "traditional" medicine
That is what led me to a degree in Natural Health
To help create healthy lifestyles
There is no greater rush than to help make a change in the life of a suffering client.

example 1 :

a few years ago doctors found a blood clot in my father's leg
of coarse they put him on blood thinners
......and that was pretty much it
oh ya and to loose some weight (in his words)
no counseling or advice was given, just "loose some weight"
while taking blood thinners you are to steer clear of Vit K
because one of the benefits of Vit K is that it aides in the clotting of the blood
where is Vit K found?
Vitamin K is in green, leafy, vegetables
some of the greatest super foods are green and leafy!
.......healing properties are endless.

did it work?
no heart attack.....no stroke......
now he just goes in to check blood pressure every month to make sure the thinners are working
dad has been doing that for the last 4 years or so.

then says his blood sugar is high, borderline diabetic
what caused the clot in the first place?
how could this have been prevented?


I KNOW why dont we teach patients how to feed themselves properly?
if he had of been eating enough Vit K all along, there wouldnt have been a problem

example 2:

weight loss surgeries.......great, problem solved?
ok your stomach is now the size of a walnut
and you have really bad eating habbits
AND insurance doesnt cover nutirional counisling

high five health care
high five government

UP TOP to the people that put the time in to take care of themselves
because apparently we need to DO IT OURSELVES

if you invest time and money into maintenance of your health
you shall not need to pay the f-ing insurance companies for MAKING us ill

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