Wednesday, May 26, 2010

balanced breakfast ideas

most people, almost everyone that come to acquire my services do 1 or 2 things

1. they dont eat breakfast
2. or they wait too long before putting something in their stomachs in the morning

breakfast, being the most important meal of the day:

will set the bar for your metabolism
if your day starts with a low blood sugar you will be spiking all day
without getting too technical...insulin and glucagon are antagonists
they are hormones.......that balance your blood sugar
if your blood sugar is not balanced, which you think of as your diet/what you eat
the result is that your HORMONES will also be imbalanced
which can and will lead to the imbalance of other if not all hormones
balancing your blood sugar, by starting first thing in the morning
can prevent/even cure most chronic issues.....
now if you are a nail biter, i cant really help you, unless you bite because you are hungry
BUT this system DOES, in fact help lower the stress levels in your life
we could all use some guidance in that department huh?
nail bitters are you with me?

so let's get right to it......

who likes eggs for breakfast?
we need our protein, fat & how do we balance our egg whites?
a carb being, oatmeal, toast, fruit or cereal?
and a fat being, peanut butter (my fav), avocado, nuts, or cheese?
one of each and you meal is complete

this is a complete breakfast
what is not apparent in the pic
where is the fat?
egg whites: protein
toast(one slice): carb
butter on the toast: fat
OR add some cheese if you dont opt for the butter

considering i am a pb maniac
i would have whites(protein)
on ezekiel toast(carb)
and tbsp pb after as my "treat"(fat)

that is if you have time to make eggs and oatmeal
if not


Protein Bars
2. PURE PROTEIN - i always recommend
esp for men, they are higher in protein
they sell in opetions of 300 cal 32g protein
and women 200 cal 20g protein
3. ATKINS BARS - taste amazing


protein powder
nuts/peanut butter
water/LF milk/soy/almond/rice
or pre made shakes
LOVE Muscle Milk light
or Atkins shakes

the reason that i have chosen these recommendations
is that they are nutritionally balanced:
the sugars are low/if at all
the protein is higher, if not balanced than the carbs
and the fat intake is just right

if i am in a rush
i add protein powder and superfood mix (essential living foods. superfood smoothie mix)
to my cereal with some nuts
add my rice milk and i am good to go
takes 2 minutes

NOW if you are not a powder type o'person
fruit is great.......but not too much or you will spike
if you have a banana make sure you have nuts or nut butter with it

and keep a few hard boiled eggs ready for muchin
I KNOW IT SOUNDS GROSS, but trust me, it is worth it
dont everything all together DUH

think of your eggs as your entree and the fruit and nut butter as a breky dessert!

the list goes on and on

this does take time & some planning

it is up to you to decide what is worth your while...
take 30 mins on a sunday to cook/prepare food
and an addition 15 mins each night to pack food for the next day
have no energy, sugar & caffeine cravings and mood swings?
your call
all i know, is that mood swings and getting dates?
they dont go hand in hand

ask me questions
i am here to answer them!

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  1. how long did it take you to do the egyptian egg?