Sunday, May 9, 2010

drinking allergy?

this is for you bradley.......
"ok smart ass, why is it that the morning after i drink, i cant breathe out of my nose?"


what is put in alcohol to preserve it causes a allergic reaction in some people
i've noticed it from certain wines, but never hard liquor
everybody's bodies are different
and over time you might develope this...

Red wine contains the highest concentration ofsulfites, which, in addition to being used as a preservative in some foods, are a natural byproduct of the fermentation process.

Sulfite sensitivity also tends to increase with continued exposure to sulfites

Because sulfites are commonly used to preserve color, darker alcohols will have a higher tendency to cause a sulfite reaction in those with high sensitivity than clear or pale ones.
However, colorless alcohol is not always safe, and care should always be taken when sampling an untried beverage. Many mixers also containsulfites for color and flavor preservation.

QUICK FIX: stay away from the SoCo Mr Man

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  1. It's the sulfites. Cool! I learned something new! Thanks Jos!