Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DAY 4 back to my ROOTZ

Sat May 1st 2010
bid farwell to the beautiful Tribecca Grand Hotel.....highly recommended
the lovely door man suggested BUBBY's around the corner for breky

so happy to have found an organic, clean fresh

coffee, scrambled egg whites and oatmela with sauteed fruit YUUUUMMY

1025am ferry to nj....
and its 950, food hasnt arrived yet.
lets see if nyc is more fast paced than L to the hisA

in a cab 15 mins later
and We've MADE IT

the first 18 years
of my life were spent in NJ
and not once did I ever

-see The Statue of Liberty

-ride under the Verrazano Bridge

-or take a ferry down the hudson


and it is beautiful
high 70's
sun shining
good company
and a full tummy

other than my allergies
i am in heaven x

final destination Red Bank, NJ

the young man that is taking me there I have not seen in quite sometime

we first met at Atlantis in july of 2000?

spending a little time here and there
for 10 years!!!!!

thankfully we have time to spend a few days in our hood and chill

a perfect day...... leading into a an interesting evening

in a huge house quietly nestled in southern nj
a few friends gather in the theatre to watch the
mayweather/mosley match
yes this house had a theatre

what i found amusing
was the choice for the national
anthem....Chris Brown?
a man who's career was ruined by beating his girlfriend
is now appearing at a boxing match


i can only imagine what the late night guys had to say
Leno? Chelsie? anyone comment on that?

there were a few debates that caused some heat in the kitchen
i will set it up
and you can be the judge

1. if you are married, then you are the grandmother to your husband's _______________
correct answer would be........GRANDCHILDREN

a lovely young lady, the ripe age of 21, and her boyfriend proceded to have this argument for 10 mins

she said NOOO they would be my great grand kids

ok lets take a look

oh shit......
that's the problem
damn family trees theses days

they dont go past our parents!

after parents come
THEN great grand parents
then GREAT GREAT grand parents

i might hurt myself, or someone else
if i go back farther than that

and to think it only began because he was being verbally affectionate with his girlfriend. i think he elaborated too much
"love of my life" (cough 21)
"future mother or my children"
"future grandmother to my grand children", "NOOOO they would be my great grandchildren!"

2. do elephants live under water.......
i am pretty sure that they dont.....but never fear,
if an elephant were to be standing on a pool cover of an in ground wouldnt break
BUT IF IT WERE TO, there's no way it would drown
not solely because its friggin HEAD would still be out of the water
but because elephants live underwater

and there are so many of them walking around in nj, traipsing across the tops of covered pools
that thankfully we have nothing to worry about
there is no need to call PETA, our pool cover is Dumbo safe
.......although he can fly so why would be be walking across the pool?

i wont even bother to tell you how that little number came about
but it does remind me of my FAVORITE commercial

so ends a relaxing comical day in jerz
headed up north tomorrow to join in the festivities
of a Greek Easter Celebration
stay tuned......

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