Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MY Tasty Turkey Burgers

just playing around today

dad doesnt like ground turkey.......he obviously would prefer ground beef
BUT since he has a circulation issue we are going to stay away from beef & pork

as George Foreman would say,
the leaner, the meaner, something about a grilling machiner....wait that isnt right

The Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine


anyway i really want to make something,
that isn't chicken or turkey sausage,
that dad will want to eat.....or atleast enjoy while eating
he "hates" ground turkey,
Boca Burgers,
& Jennie O Burgers
so let the games begin

lean ground turkey meat +
garlic & basil pasta sauce +
quick cooking oats +
ground flaxseeds +
2 eggs +
seasoning =
something divine

since there are oats in the burger itself i would not recommend
serving the burgers on buns......ha BUNS
this would lead to an unbalanced ratio

so you have the option to leave out the oats,
in which case you might want to bake them
instead of using the good old george forman...they might fall apart
then you can have an ezekiel bun with your veg

the seasoning i used was
Lizzie's Kitchen
Oh! so garlic seasoning
a perfect blend of
garlic, onion, chives & parsley
i use it pretty regularly

actually i would also like to recommend it
for sauteed broccolini
throw it in the pan
add some olive oil
then some lemon pepper

let me know what you think!!

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