Friday, May 7, 2010

waking up in jersey

monday morning i set off for jfk

catching the 727 train from towacco to montclair
it is very strange taking subways/cabs/trains/car services
when you are so used to just throwing your gear in your truck and moving

the head stathis man drops me at the station
then i realize, as he pulls away, that the schedule i looked at was boonton not towacco!
frantically i try to read the new jersey transti train sched......which is not an easy task if you are scared to miss your plane and not awake yet
breathing a sigh oh relief i set down my bags and wait for the 734
a gentleman approaches me and give me an "extra ticket"
wow the stars are aligned for me, huh?
free train ride STOKED
I change trains in monclair, and settle in
1 min to departure and the attendant asks me if i had bought a ticket
ummmm usually i pay on the train
she says no
you must purchase at the kiosk outside
and i have 1 minute and 30 seconds
start to panic
then....after allowing me ample time to visibly panic
she says, "or you can buy one from me for double the price"
FINE....i already had 1 free trip, might as well pay
$12.50 later i am legally riding the train to penn station
oh ya did i mention that it is raining through all this?
my plan was to catch a cab outside the station
looks like i need to call a car service
thank god for iphones, right?
its all set, now all i need is breakfast
dragging through the station i see nothing but junk
doughnuts, starbucks, bakeries, a pizza place, magazine shop & good old duane read
protein bar it is......they happen to have some pre packaged sanwhiches and yogurt/granola
grab the yogurt, some a bar for the flight, a water for the car ride

find my car, good, good

breakfast is served
(back to portion control)
this yogurt/granola is in a plastic cup
like a small drink would come in
without the straw hole of course
so why would
the container nutritional info
say serving size per container 5
and the cal per serving 140
so a random person could think
if they bother to wonder
that they are eating
a breakfas that is 140 calories, so they might add other foods to the meal.....................LAMEO
that would be almost half of the daily recommended caloric intake!
$75.50 to jfk from northern nj
better than the $175 a car quoted me form A to B
i go to get my boarding pass and check my bag at 1030
can't happen...too late
so i zip up the extension on my bag and consider it a carry on
i've gotten good at packing in my old age
still they wont print my boarding pass
waiting patiently in line with a arguing couple behind me
i burn a hole in the attendant's head.....question question PLEASE
i talk him into letting me have 3 carry on's
yaaaay made my is delayed 30 mins
no prob bob
besides the turbulence and the horrible movie i watch
i make it in one piece
GA the home of my fam,
mosquittos, humidity, and the slow talkers

now is the time to take over my parent's fridge
cook, bake. sauté their exploding viking fridge into shape
i really want to make sure they are around FOREVER
make dinner day one of.....chicken (george forman), yams, and a spinach, beet, walnut, moz salad

i try to teach my family
that nothing is off limits
you just have to KNOW your limits
know what to eat
and when to eat it

you can have cheese in moderation
you can have butter on your yams

food should be enjoyed

next night the menu consists of
glueten free pasta with garlic maranara,
veggies (green beans, spinach, squash & mushrooms)
& turkey sausage

when things are mixed together
you must make sure you are getting enough protein
keep en eye out!

lots of water
and smaller plate
protein/carb the size of your closed fist
and fat.....being the cheese about a tbsp
or the size would be from the tip of
your thumb to the first knuckle

i am here to answer your questions feel free to ask me anything!

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