Sunday, May 23, 2010

help me help you

had an instance this weekend with a fainting client


all i have control over is what you do when you are here

if there is no fuel in your fire....
you burn muscle
and this happens INSTEAD of what everyone thinks...
if i dont eat, i will burn fat
AAAAAk, wrong
but you sure as hell will pass out/throw up if you are pushed

eat clean
and smart

try to get something in your body at least an hour before training
and EVERYONE must eat within 30 mins of waking
if not your metabolism will take a nose dive

think of your trainer as your doctor...we need to know everything to make sure you can perform to your best capabilities

wouldn't you tell me if you had an injury?

you are injuring your body by working out on an empty stomach

ponder that

friday part 2 of the stairs challenge number completed: 6
next week: going for 7!!!!
who's with me?

tons of classes this week.......

mon 7am still open
mon 5pm still open
mon 730pm 1 spot left

tues 530pm open

thurs 530pm 1 spot left

fri 7am still open

NEW CLASS sat 10am 1 spot left

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