Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flake in VEnice

my favorite spot

745am this morning
me chuka and my breakfast

flake is our local hang out
a place for
great food
good tunes
interesting people
& they are dog friendly!

the cereal bar as we call it, has everything from fRuiTy PebBles to pAnINis
CocONut wAtER to cHocOlatE miLk
saLaDs to what we in jersey know as "heart attacks" bacon egg & cheese bagels
and god do i love me a yogurt bowl......low fat vanilla yogurt with hemp granola blueberries
or topping of your choice.

elijah wood frequents this bacon hut on rose avenue
along with numerous other loyal venice regulars

the lovely momma Paige greets you with a smile and her oh so raspy voice
she knows your order by heart and politely delivers it to your table
(i always love to see what her choice of cowboy boot where for the day...fantastic)

it is a place you feel at home
i walk the 5 blocks from my house with the dog
we sit outside while i enjoy my coffee and get some work done
while chuka enjoys her people/puppy watching
today my choice for breakfast was
the vEgGie sAuSagE SanDwiCH
(because i am joselynne....bread is ok in moderation)
so it is basically a scramble with veggies and my kinda sausage
with a side of tomatoes and mixed greens
sometimes i add a bit of avocado
due to the fact that i am not a cheese fan anymore

there are many terrific, healthy options
i recommend talking the walk after one of my workouts
to grab a tasty meal to replenish your mUsckuLs!

what i also love
is that we are there so much
that my sister
just so happens to be on the website!
only noticed that about a month ago

stop in for some good eats when you have a sec
it truly is a delight.

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