Monday, December 8, 2014


There are plenty of ways to be girly and still have fun!

What makes you you should be enough for anyone to want to be around you.  Do what you love, love what you do and the rest will be drawn to you.  Allow yourself time to have fun.  Get out of work mode and hop on that long board.  Get a surf on your lunch break. Plan a spontaneous weekend trip.  Do something out of the ordinary to make you remember that life isn't about tediousness it is meant to be enjoyed.  Life is about learning, about finding out all the things that make you truly happy.  For me, play is a huge part of happiness.  The hard part is finding people to accompany you.  When you find those likeminded individuals, hold them close to your heart.  We are meant to be in packs. Find your pack, learn from your pack and love them for allowing you to be who it is that you ARE.


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