Tuesday, December 16, 2014


if you have to be up before the sun
if you must work extra hours a day
get after it.....
you may have to skip the nights out
you might have to hustle to create more hours in the day
but you will get it done

whatever you set your mind to you will achieve
this is a 3 step process
it doesn't work when you remove one

in order to get achieve your goals many steps in between
those who make the sacrifices to make strides 
they will be the ones that have longevity in their carriers
life is so much sweeter if you have the journey to be thankful for......

it's the experience of where you have come from, what you have DONE to get there.

if the passion is there you will dream up the ways to make it happen
in wishing you are manifesting and putting the positive energy into achieving what is it that you want
and by doing, you are creating a reality of what you born to do.

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