Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I'll take the GARLIC breath

-rub cloves on your scalp
for hair growth stimulation

-slap it on any skin blemishes

-prevent a cold with garlic tea

-garlic oil relieves skin rashes

-duck tape a sliver of garlic over a splinter 
for an overnight removal?

-soak your feet in garlic water for athletes foot

-smear some garlic on your skin 
to keep mosquitos away
(and all your friends)

What can't this lil thang do?
Do yourself a favor buy some Trident and eat more GARLIC.

This little powerhouse strengthens your immune system.  AND it just so happens if you are looking for a regulator of blood sugar look no more!  This carcinogen enhances the level of insulin in the blood.

You really cannot go wrong with a clove a day
Let's just start with a clove a week.....
If you don't stink when on the treadmill next to me we can increase your dosage.
There is nothing worse than the italian sausage on the cardio machine next to you.


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