Thursday, December 11, 2014

From the Ground UP

Training isn't just about how strong you are or how fast you can run
But about how in tune you are with your body

Lets think about it from the ground up.

YOUR FEET: the base of support.  How are they in your shoes? Can you spread your toes wide?
Do you have enough support, stability & cushioning FOR YOU?

-barefoot training/running/climbingfriggintrees YA GREAT, but not everyone can just take their shoes off and be prepared for what is going to happen to their alignment without the arch support of their shoe! REMEMBER CUSTOMIZE YOUR LIFESTYLE TO YOUR BODY & LEVELS.

YOUR KNEES: a joint that takes the brunt of what you are doing.  Heavy lifting & running all take a toll on your knees.  If your knees are not preforming properly it will then effect your feet, causing you to roll in or out.  Give your knees some love.  Leave how to activate the supporting muscles.  Your quads & hamstrings must be firing properly to move in the correct movement patterns.

-the IT bands and peroneus longus/brevis must be "supporting" or have proper tension or it will cause problems.  FOAM ROLL your calves, shins, quads, hamstrings, IT bands & inner thighs....its doesn't tickle, but it will keep you from injuring yourself.

HIPS: the most common imbalance without DIRECT regular generally shows up in other places. We must be very careful of how we sit & stand on a regular basis.  With all day sitters, we have the common problem of hamstring hip flexor imbalance.  PLEASE foam roll your tushie & open up the front of  your hips.  We are trying to keep ourselves as up right as possible in a world where we are all looking down at our devises. Pay close attention to alignment when doing single sided yoga poses or exercises.

-when your pelvis is off due to tight piriformis or sticky psoas you can feel incredible pain that is sometimes called sciatic & piriformis syndrome.  AKA get off your butt and stretch, and always make sure to roll before a class and stretch after a workout.

SHOULDERS: where we hold most of our tension.  Tightness in our trapezius muscles cause migraines and a lot discomfort.  Always be conscious of your posture when typing, driving, sitting or standing for extended periods.  Take a deep breath and roll you shoulders down your back as far away form your ears a possible.  Repeat throughout the day.

-if the weight you are using is too much you will see it in your posture.  remember it is not about what you lift but how you lift it.  in yoga we let the breath fill up our lungs as we pull the shoulder blades down and visualize our scapula tucking into our back pockets.

TRUNK/NECK: MASSES & SPACES: where movement is inevitable but not without thought. Rotation is a major component of the human body.  This allows us to function in all planes of motion.

-never force a rotation, our bodies are different every day.  what you want to do, is keep the mobility and functionality to your body by allowing it to be fluid when necessary.  your trunk stacks over your hips, while your neck stacks over your shoulders.  think of our bodies as building blocks, the foundation must be strong in order to keep progressing. there are natural curvatures of the spine but energetically think of lengthening from the tailbone to the tip of our head.

NOGGIN: Mentally we all are working on finding that balance.  Working toward self love requires being in tune with what is going on in your body.  Motivation to push yourself through the boundaries without silencing the intuitive voice that tells you when enough is enough.

- love yourself for going through the process of each day.  be true to who you are and what it is that you want. take control of the ego, steer clear of harmful things along your path & trust that it all is a it should be.  

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