Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What makes you feel free?

What do you do for YOURSELF that makes you feel good?
Time just to yourself that allows you to be care free?
When can you get lost in what you are doing & the hours just fly by?

In order to be truly happy you need to find your happy place.
Whether it is going for a long run,
sitting on the grass reading a book,
cooking for yourself,
taking a drive to nowhere,
or just sitting still.
You will get more out of that time then you will if you accomplish 1000 things a day.
Our bodies need to recharge, decompress & feel nurtured.

My CHUKA is ALWAYS in the moment and reminds me to play, laugh and see the world as my playground.  There is no better feeling than seeing her running freely on the beach or chasing birds.  I can almost she her smile!  LETS TRY TO FIND THAT INNER SMILE THROUGHOUT THE DAY!

What does your freeing time consist of?


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