Monday, January 26, 2015

Nike Treds; the best treds

Where have your shoes been?
Do you have special ones that rarely see the ground?
Do you have certain one you wear to be fancy?
-certain training shoes
-certain running shoes
What do they say about your personality?

Either way, sneakers are the way to go.
The flatter the better for everyday life.
What you put on your feet will change your day,
& change your posture….

Over a period of time, repetitive habits cause degenerative issues
here is some basic info I found on

Personally, I feel that there are way too many AMAZING sneakers and casual jobs these days to put your health at risk….though a sexy pair of heels is a MUST at times.  You can sex it up, just do yourself a favor; buy ones that fit right and stretch your calves the next day!


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