Wednesday, October 8, 2014


One of the most common things about trainers in the fitness industry, is that they don't know how to market themselves. AKA bring in their own clients, support this lifestyle.
How do you create a name for yourself? 
How do you earn the respect that their capabilities deserve?

Some trainers/yoga teachers are brilliant at what they do but they cannot sell themselves.
You can be book smart, great at implementing corrective exercises and therapeutic poses but if you cannot get clients what good is that?

When I say "sell yourself" I do NOT mean MAKING MONEY. I do you get the opportunity to reach those lives that you wish to touch?
How can you create a thriving career that will keep you going based on your knowledge and skills?
I believe that there is a nurturing side to those that chose to "take care" of others, those that chose the life of an educator of fitness, health, wellness & LIFE. It should be supported/appreciated.
This is what I want to do as my career progresses….
CONSULT on how to brand yourself, how to promote yourself
and how to narrow your focus to what it is that your STRENGTHS are. 

knowing how to read your audience
knowing what your intentions are
being willing to ask for help
building a strong network
making yourself & keeping yourself relevant

be constant & reliable 
always be willing to learn
implement those in your network to refer & be referred
be gracious
support your local community
keep setting new related goals

if you want to go fast go alone,
if you want to go far go together…….

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