Thursday, October 16, 2014

TBT TV Appearance w/Jay Blahnik

My Throwback Thursday is to a taping of "The DOCTORS" with Jay Blahnik

Perks Perks Perks....not only do I get free gear and to workout for a LIVING, but I get to hang with this guy! The one and only Jay Blahnik, a legend in the fitness world, and now taking over the wearables world....the APPLE world.

This taping was for the NIKE KINECT game as part of the DOCTORS Holiday Santa's Giveaway Show.  Jay explained this new aged, health concious video game to the oh so hunky Dr Travis Stork & I got to be the lovely assistant demoing the assessment & exercises.  During the live taping the game actually froze. Unfortunately and I was not scripted or mic'd to talk....but I was DYING to add in my comical relief, possibly a dance move or two.

After his incredibly influential 20 years with NIKE,  Jay is now working with APPLE.
One word: iWatch
Have you seen him on this launch video?

Bravo Jay, you are an amazing inspiration spirit with not only kindness & playfulness but SWAG!
Hope to see you soon xo

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