Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ick Perfection

When did society decide that perfection via photoshop is ok to advertise as reality? The importance on visible beauty seems to trump everything we have to offer on the inside? We all have insecurities but how do we teach/learn that we can offer a lot more with our opinions, our authenticity & our spirit?

Owning a gym and/or working out is not about being perfect.  Let me clear that up right now!  Beauty is in the imperfections and the honesty of what makes us individuals   It is about being the best version of yourself.  It is about health and wellness and treating yourself with kindness. The reason I became a business owner was to help teach these ideals and promote individuality though strength in self confidence.

Why compare yourself to someone else?
SELF LOVE, if the first step to GREATNESS.

How about we show up for life,
and present to the world all that we have to offer?
Be kind
Be honest

When you are able to look at your weaknesses, you will be capable of asking for help. In asking for help, I personally, have learned how to better share my gifts with others. This lifetime is about growth. Stop wasting time trying to attain perfection,
when your authentic self is what will bring you to your purpose.  

Those that love you love EVEYTHING about you and chances are they love your imperfections the most.  Our differences are what set us apart and how we find our place in the world.  Live a life that you are proud of and educate yourself so you can show up in a clear healthy way.  

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