Saturday, October 25, 2014

Active Stretch vs Static Stretch

Have you every heard the phrase 
"Never stretch a cold muscle?"

Too many trainers and gym goers miss this tip......

The way to build heat in the muscle is movement.  The warm up phase of your workouts should always consist of dynamic or active stretches to, in fact, WARM UP THE BODY.  The stretching aspect of training is meant for a worked muscle, a contracted muscle that has been recruited to do work.  This comes at the end of a workout.  The breath assists in the stretch of the muscle to get you deeper and more relaxed into the static stretch that you are holding for an extended period of time.  The dynamic side of our breath is used for that temperature building phase at the beginning.  Anything that increases the heart rate will increase circulation, which caucus your breath to quicken.  Being aware of how helpful your breath is to your movements will help you gain power, longevity and control to your body.  

Warm up dynamically, train smart 
and reward your self with a good stretch 
and moment of gratitude.  
Moving consciously is a brilliant gift that should be recognized and appreciated. 


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