Monday, October 27, 2014

Cardio Tricks

How regularly do you change up your cardio?
The best way to keep your body from that, oh so common, plateau is variety.

It is very normal for someone to get into a groove with their cardio & then religiously visit the same elliptical or treadmill for the next decade.  Though, if results are what you are looking for, you will need to change it up. You can still frequent the treadmill, but play with the interval settings, increase your speed, something to keep your body guessing.  If you love the elliptical, do it once or twice a week for your long duration moderate cardio.  There should be different demand requests placed on your body in order to burn fat, expend calories and achieve results.  

Options for optimal results - IN THE GYM
Treadmill: incline walking (out of breath pace) long duration moderate cardio 30-45 mins
Treadmill: interval sprints 15-20 mins high intensity
Treadmill: walking with hill variations 30-45 mins
Elliptical: moderate resistance/speed long duration moderate cardio 30-45 mins
Elliptical: resistance interval settings
Elliptical: speed intervals such as a tabata workout 
Stepmill: moderate speed 20-30 mins

Options for optimal results - THE GREAT OUTDOORS
Hike 60 mins or more
Sand Sprints interval sprints 15-20 mins high intensity
Long distance bike ride 60 mins or more
Moderate Run for 45-60 mins
Dog walk (out of breath pace) 60 mins or more
Jump Rope 45-60mins
Spin class 60 mins
Stair intervals 30 mins

uses plyometrics getting cardio in DURING the workout!
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Fire Drill - 45 mins
Mean Machine - 45 mins
Up the Pace - 45 mins 
Unbeatable - Hope Solo 15 ins repeat 2x
Slim Effect - 30 mins


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