Sunday, October 19, 2014

NIKE GEAR Winter edition

Not only do I love this brand but they have EVERYTHING.  
The gear has been kicked up a notch over the past 5 years 
and I can safely say that it is the best quality on the market.  

Having the privilege of shooting last year's winter accessories catalog right here in VENICE BEACH, I got to demo all the head bands, ear warmers, gloves, phone cases and MORE.  

Since then I have fell in love with my friends at development company right in the south bay! They allow my studio to demo new products that come out, and my clients get the chance to give REAL feedback on products they love and some that need improvements.  

Right now, in house we have foam rollers, barre mats, resistance bands, jump ropes, ankle/hand weights, yoga mats & a few different kinds of training gloves. Some of my regular girls have had the chance to try out the new iPhone running sleeves!  If you have been to ALPHA VENICE recently and not have the privilege of trying these new items, we really would love your opinion so ASK!

In honor of how fancy I am and how much I love the NIKE HEADBANDS, I will give a way a headband for each person that tags me in their favorite NIKE WINTER GEAR INSTAGRAM PICTURE! 
Then we can have matching selfless with our matching headbands!!!!!

TAG #alphavenice #wintergiveaway and let the games begin!!!! 

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