Thursday, October 23, 2014

Partner Workouts NTC

This is from an event that I taught at 
in San Diego at The Headquarters.  
The lovely and very talented yogi, Miss Brita is helping me to demo this partner plank thumb wrestle challenge!

Having a training buddy not only makes the experience more fun, but it holds you accountable.  These workouts offer the ability to motivate you & your partner to push yourselves harder than you would on your own.  It is a much less intimidating experience if you have your friends for support.  

1. Find a partner 
2. Each week map out your workouts in advance
-Type of workout 
Is it running interval based?
Is it my ALPHA ABS workout on the NTC app 
paired with Lakey Peterson's BEACH LEGS?
Are you having a YOGA day?
- Plan a healthy meal/snack post workout 
 Could you grab a fresh juice or smoothie?
Will you make food together?
Do you go food shopping together for ideas?

Everything is easier if you have a plan & added support.  So recruit your team and LET'S GO!  Start your healthy habits now so you begin the NEW YEAR with a head start!

Madame NTC herself, 
Marie Purvis & I 
partnering up 
for our handstand photo opp in 
Hermosa Beach August 2013!

Try the *FREE* 
Partner Workouts
with Sydney Leroux & Ali Krieger 
as well as
Maria & Caolina Salgado 
(that I have recently had the pleasure of working with!)

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