Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Giggling Yoga

I will now be taking back my 7am Thursday POWER YOGA class in 
The Yogi Loft at ALPHA VENICE.

The beauty of POWER YOGA or Athletic Yoga as I like to call it, is that it is a great transition from training into the yoga realm.

If you need to stretch more: EVERYONE
If you need to de-stress: EVERYONE  
Are you too intimidated to start yoga?
Do you feel that you would rather get a hard core whoop ass HIIT session in instead?
I will open your eyes to how un intimidating & fun yoga can be.
We will work on slowing things down but still recruiting those muscles get your sweat on.

Stop trying to control everything.
Stop letting your pride get in the way.
You know you need it. I'll see you there.
We will laugh, we will stretch and you can then say...."oh ya, I do yoga!"

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