Sunday, February 8, 2015

What causes muscles soreness?


    When my clients are in optimal shape, the soreness post workout tends to subside....endurance is always worked but that old school, "I'm in pain after a hard day at the gym" is not there.  
    The way I explain it is not as a plateau, but as being well conditioned....which I think is what we are all going for.  

    The most popular theory is that muscle soreness is caused by “microtrauma”, which forms microscopic tears in muscle fibers. And from what I have read if you were to only lift wight concentrically vs using both the concentric and eccentric phases, there would be no soreness......interesting. The muscles tears during the resistance and then it takes 48 hours to rep are and become stronger. 

    Lactic acid is a normal byproduct of muscle metabolism, but it can irritate muscles and cause discomfort and soreness. Muscle soreness associated with exercise is known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.

    After a your muscles get sore, they rapidly adapt to reduce further damage from the same exercises, which is called the “repeated-bout” effect. Not only is soreness reduced the next time you complete the same exercise, but any swelling, reduced strength, or reduced range of motion has a much faster recovery.

    Having read this you now understand that repeating movements with the same weight or resistance and the same number or reps will keep you from getting sore.  That also sounds like it will keep you from growing or getting stronger.  The question is or when do you know to stop increasing weight or exercise reps.  The trainer's job is to keep your body guessing...what are your goals? 

    My clients are not body builders, we are not going for size, but what we are going for is function, muscle endurance & stamina.  I want each person I am with, to feel healthy, strong and mobile.  If you are super sore are you mobile? Are you able to perform things in your life with ease?  I am training you to build strength, flexibility and mobility to have longevity in your muscles, joints & full productivity of your organs. I use movements that challenge your stability to work on your nervous system response as well as teaching your muslces to fire in the proper movement patters.  THEN we can take you to the next level.  There is a method to my madness, but No, I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE ANYONE SUPER SORE OR THROW UP.  

    We want to be well rounded *athletes.


    -Train with movements that help your body adapt to what life throws at you, why does "training" need to be about a number? How much we can lift? How much weight we can lose? Why cannot it be about health of body mind and spirit. Take yourself to the edge and move on.  Incorporate that same muslce in different ways, at different tempos and with different requested outcomes. Keep you body guessing, but prepare yourself for anything.


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