Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BAKING is good for the SOUL


An ingredient I always have on hand.
Most of the issues with GLUTEN FREE BAKING is texture.
Moisture plays a HUGE role in the satisfying experience of a sweet treat.
Emulsifiers are ingredients that preserve gooeyness. 
Commonly this comes from liquids or fats....
BUT WHO NEEDS EM when you have natural organic ingredients?
In the case of ALPHA SWEETS, we use bananas, non dairy butter, apple sauce, avocados & LOVE.

The brilliance of the banana when baking is that you can decide if you want to taste it or not.
I have used bananas strictly for the spongy delightfulness and the other flavors were more apparent, predominately for VEGAN baked goods.
Though bananas are high in carbs they are not adding to the FAT content of the treat,
making the scale and the tummy happy when all is said and done.

BANANAS are great when fresh with breakfast, or a grab & go snack
but when uber when they are idea to bake with!
You can freeze them and throw them into your smoothies or you can be patient for the most gratifying banana bread ever...if you take the time to make if using my recipe in
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Tonight, I am spending my time in the kitchen making BANANA BREAD
I wanted to cut down the maple syrup and use avocado 
vs my non dairy butter......EPIC

3 bananas
2 eggs
.5 cup maple syrup
1.5 tbsp rice milk
1 avocado
1.5 cups oat flour
.5 cup rice flour
1.5 tsp powder
.5 tsp soda
.5 tsp salt

Bake in a greased pan at 350 for 60 minutes
......your life will be changed!


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