Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DO what you love, LOVE what you do.

Happiness is in the moments when you get lost & time flies by.
In those moments when you are being completely and utterly your authentic self.

Dance has always been a part of my being, 
and now as a fitness professional I don't always make time for it.

This picture represents many things for me.
love of movement

I can close my eyes and wish that I can have more of these moments,
feeling as though I can heal myself though movement;
express myself through dance;
arrive at a place that marks a conclusion.
In those minutes of fluid movement,
I can release aggression, anxiety, passion & love.
There haven't been many ways that I have allowed myself to do that other than to music.
The space at 35 Market was a dream come true for me.
It is the first of many stepping stones on my journey.
In this space, I was able to grow painfully & joyfully
I formed amazing relationships with many many incredible people,
and I spent plenty of time to myself.
But of all things to come from this picture 
is of the most importance.
Do what makes you feel free....
Whether it is on your own,
or in your relationships.
-Beautiful growth will come of authenticity and integrity.
Pull yourself back into those moments.
Make time for them,
and cherish them.
They last physically for a brief period of time,
but the benefits last a lifetime.

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