Monday, October 11, 2010

water intake

how much water should i take?

i ALWAYS say 50-75% of your body weight depending on your activity level
the more active, the more sweat, the more water you require

150lb active person should get atleast 112 oz of water daily
that basically means, if you have 16oz with/after each of your 6 meals
then add a bit for during and after you work out.....GOLDEN

for an non active 150lb person
75 oz water daily
9 glasses
most people just dont
or the compalin that they have to run to the bathroom every 5 mins

that is a good thing....
your body will get used to it!

drinking too much water (which is VERY hard to do) is called hyponatremia
or dilution of sodium in the body

this can occur in adult athletes after perfuse sweating
and in taking quite a bit of water without consuming electrolytes

adult kidneys can process 15 liters of water daily
112 US fluid ounces = 3.31223531 liters
they say that an adult requires

3 US quarts = 96 US fluid ounces daily

much of your water intake will come from food

so studies suggest you have 8, 8-12 oz glasses of water a day

that equals 64-96oz per day for a regular joe schmow

if nothing else
make this the first step that you take
toward a healthier lifestyle

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