Thursday, October 28, 2010

skin fitness

while getting my facial (such a girlie girl)
i got to talkin with my esthetician,
she is a bubbly, informative, little chick
that LOVES what she does
and it shows!
dont you just wish everyone you came across could be like that?

is what was recommended to me for my skin type
and i OBVIOUSLY went for it!
FITNESS.....i'm there man

The secret to healthy beautiful skin is really no secret at all....

It's simple.

Pure and Simple Workout

Physical exercise promotes stress reduction, muscle strength, youthfulness, and energy, not to mention an overall balance of mind, body and spirit.

There is nothing more rewarding when you start to feel your muscles work and your mind and body reconnect. Circuit training provides a sensible way to concentrate on strengthening and toning different muscle groups. With the same objective in mind, our Skin Fitness workout routine concentrates on perfecting your skin by rotating different treatments.

Any qualified trainer will tell you that ones body adapts to a specific form of exercise to the point that it is no longer as effective. In the same way our skin constantly needs to be introduced to a new routine. Initially, when we try a new product our skin looks and feels great, but after a while we no longer feel the same benefits. With our unique rotation therapy your skin is constantly being challenged, energized and revitalized.

Just as your body needs supplemental minerals and vitamins, Skin Fitness provides your skin with essential daily nutrients. Unlike commercial products containing chemical additives that are often harmful to your skin, our therapeutic treatments combine the purity and potency of nature's healing agents. Skin Fitness effectively stimulates and redefines your skin with the finest of all natural ingredients and ultra concentrated formulas. With our commitment to creating a healthy youthful appearance Skin Fitness provides you with 'Back to Basic' nutrition for your skin.

i left the spa with the Pure Oxygen Serum
-infuses pure oxygen, promoting regeneration of cell metabolism
an exfoliant of Enzymes, Grape Seeds, & Glycolic Acid
along with the nighttime Retinolic Serum
-treatment of combination skin
so i shall be looking glamourous in NO TIME

go visit FLORINA.....tell her "THE ALPHA" sent cha!

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  1. I chose dysport injections and vela shape treatments, my mother opted for the pixel/photo facial skin tightening procedures. we are both delighted with the results.