Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sand sprinting

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next purchase will be VIBRAMS

i burnt through 2 pairs of socks sprinting on the beach today......
hopefully these new toes sneaks wont slow me down.....................cause if you can guess

the ultimate goal for an athlete is to have incredible strength to weight ratios, lean body mass, and a well developed Central Nervous System for a fast reaction and the ability to explode on command.

Your sand-running heart rate will match that of your street-running heart rate, but at lower mileage.

Sand running significantly strengthens the lower-body stabilizer muscles.

It is a great way to work toward optimizing your V[O.sub.2] max

Sprinting requires power from the lower body and abs. It also feels amazing to run with everything you have, to test your lungs, heart and explosive force.

Benefits of Sprinting

-Increases metabolism for a longer period after exercise than jogging.

-Improves heart and lung recovery time.

-Improves endurance for long distance running.

-Sprints intervals within jogging sessions, aid weight loss.

-Develops great hamstring muscles. We all know the theory on great hammys

"hamstrings are the derivative muscle. if u have nice hammy's chances are high ur gonna have nice calves and ass and if u have a nice ass, you've gotta have a nice stomach. so basically....65 percent of ur body is essentially covered with nice hammys" – Michael Antosy HIGH FIVE

How Do I Sprint?

Sprinting is all about speed. The right way to sprint is with your body slightly leaning forward at about 4-6 degrees from the feet, not the hips. Arms should be relaxed, swinging from the shoulders and flexed at a 90 degree angle. Feet should be hitting the ground heel to toe. Don't run on your toes because it provides no stability and can cause injuries.

While sprinting, your stride should start under the centre of gravity. Basically, don't let your feet come too far in front of your body. This is called over striding. Similarly running in baby steps is called under striding. Both under and over striding will slow you down. Throughout the sprint always stay relaxed. Tensing you body not only slows you down but it will also tire you out more quickly.

come join us




maybe i will give you a prize if you can beat me

i'm getting pretty damn quick


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