Tuesday, June 22, 2010

it's all psychological

"you gotta put me in coach, it's all psychological"

the connection between our emotions and food
the connection between our emotions and weight loss
the connection between our emotions and weight gain
the connection between our emotions and dysmorphic issues
the connection between our emotions and WELL BEING

i am looking into extending my education (surprise surprise)
wanting to continue schooling to get my masters

daily i am amazed at the mind body connection - physically; exercise, dance & sports
but the control that our minds have over the health of our bodies
YET people still dont recognize the manifestation of fear, sadness & insecurity

do they know you can torment yourself into sickness?
people will also argue that you cannot think yourself well........
i dissagree

the healing powers of positive energy are unfathomable

The healing power of the mind is not a mysterious thing that can be activated by gibberish and mumbo-jumbo rituals and words. The healing power of the mind is actually based on one thing: positive thinking.


take action

take comfort in a higher power

now i am not a religious person
nor do i wish to push my beliefs on ANYONE
i am just giving you a glimpse into my thoughts here
i do believe that we all have a destination
one path or another we will get there
maybe not on schedule but we get there
and that we all have a gift
and a purpose

"the purpose of life is to discover your gift. the meaning of life is to give your gift away"
-david viscott

i want to help people
i always have
and i always will
maybe it is my gift/purpose
what i want to delve into is the stomach
ibs, colitis, ulcers
all stress related illnesses
or shall i say manifestations of worry/anxiety
the mind having a direct effect on the body

once there anxieties and stress
then there are poor eating habits
of those who's mind's arent 100%
do one of 2 things
1. over consume
2. under consume
which can effect all aspects of our lives.....
dont let your head take over

when do you find the balance?
my answer:
when the rest of your body is in harmony
when you brain has quieted and you can enjoy and make choices in life without interferences

NOT ONLY WITH FOOD, does this happen (yoda talk)
but also shopping, smoking, dating, exercise, work...
filling voids with consumption or control
with tangible things
food, clothes, shoes, friends, a roster of dates, attention, power....
why do we need these things to make us FEEL a certain way
why cant we have a sense of accomplishment to bring us that euphoric sensation?

things/life/careers/goals/ideas/dreams will occur during times of peace
you can work as hard and as frequently as possible
but if there is negativity emulating
it will hold you back

sit with yourself
except the challenge
acknowledge your faults
and make the decision to change/do what is right for you
make better choices for your health and for your spirit

i always think

growth is a process that takes AGES
i am trying to practice what i preach
we all look on the outside for the answers
(now i really AM yoda)
but the only way you will find answers is sitting quietly with yourself

NOTICE: that you get distracted from living, by life

someone i became close with from the gym
took his life a few weeks ago
if i had the chance to tell him that he changed my life
i let it pass.....
he made me realize several things
you must do what you love no matter what everyone else thinks
dance/sing and laugh OUT LOUD
be and feel honestly and openly

i will miss him terribly
the smile that would come to my face,
i could feel from my stomach,
....from my heart
and his freedom made me laugh with envy

in his own little world
he seemed to be so content
but you'll never know someone's struggles unless you ask
and they cant be helped if they dont accept it

you can be a man of accumulated attention
and a man who is alone when he needs a friend.......

- may the force be with you

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