Tuesday, June 8, 2010

PET PEEVE #3 & the dish on hormones

7am reading up on osteopathy and chiropratic healing
sneeze once........
and there always is one to follow
i ALWAYS notice when there are people in earshot that dont say "bless you"
i dont give a rats ass if you are religious or not

Germans typically say Gesundheit! to wish them good health.

A legend holds that it was believed that the heart stops beating and the phrase "bless you" is meant to ensure the return of life or to encourage your heart to continue beating.

but dont pretend to not hear the loud repetitive noise that i just made.

after sneeze #1 one there is usually a pause for breath, so i listened
and all i heard was a lonely dog bark in the distance
then comes #2
"bless you"
i look up and a hobbit is staring back at me
i see him almost every morning
just at that moment i had to think...only in LA

i worked on my fan page today on facebook....please LIKE if you have not already.
search Alpha Sport LA
thanks much.

everyones got'em
some have too much
others have too little
what's the dealy'o?

birth control: a combo of estrogen and progesterone that prevents ovulation.

The most important thing to remember about hormonal birth control methods such as the pill is that they are synthetic hormones. It isn't healthy for a woman to be exposed to them.

In fact, their long-term use will invariably increase a woman's risk of developing serious chronic illness. In addition to increasing health

The use of birth control pills or synthetic hormones is actually rarely justified. If you're using birth control pills to control menstrual cycles, irregular bleeding, cysts or endometriosis, you are not treating the underlying dysfunction. Instead, you are simply increasing the risks to your health.

It is essential to balance the adrenal glands in these situations, as cortisol levels modulate and control the female hormones, especially progesterone. The pill only treats the symptoms instead of the disease, and causes its own side effects as your body continues to remain in an unhealthy state.

what is with these companies
saying that it is ok to
only get your period every 6 months?
um NATURE intended our bodies to work a certain way!
we need to help our systems to function properly
I understand that teenage girls are put on the pill early to regulate, and maybe even control skin issues
but what is the underlying problem?
why are their periods irregular? why do they have skin problems?
could it be the body is not in its proper balance?
can we work toward achieving homeostasis?
could the "medications"
that these girls are using for their skin conditions
contain parabens?
contain chemicals?
that throw off their system's balance even more?

i ask you, my friends, ponder with me...
why on earth would we want to put these synthetic hormones into our bodies & our children's bodies?

one little pill can change the whole dynamic of your body.
respect your body
and look after yourself
make better, more educated choices
and you will feel the difference

my view on how to regain that hormonal balance is through food,
balancing your blood sugar
and be well

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